What Personality Type Am I?

2015 08 03 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

An understanding of what personality type you are is essential for success. Here is a simple and free resource to allow you to know yourself better


How To Run A Network Marketing Business With A Partner and Still Have A Relationship

2015 07 05 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Here are some hints and tips on how to run a network Marketing Business with your partner or spouse whilst ensuring that you still have a relationship!


Reflexology Acupressure Pressure Points For Healing

2015 04 18 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

The following blog article is to allow access in one place to lots of different instructive infographics which will help you ease those aches and pains just by using pressure points on your body. I hope you find the below infographics helpf


Happy Easter

2015 04 03 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Share this post and help spread the love! Bunnies and Chocolate and happy, smiling faces….Easter I love you ! I love Easter. It signals the end of the cold winter and the budding of spring shoots, leading in to a glorious summer, full of fun and sun!! A celebration of rebirth and all that is […]


7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets To Obtaining Personal Magnetism

2015 02 28 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

How can you obtain character or charisma?. Here are 7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets That Will Show You How To Obtain Your Own Personal Magnetism


5 Things Successful People Do Before They Go To Bed

2015 02 17 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

5 Things Successful People Do Before They Go To Bed. Find out what successful people do to maintain sanity and their sleep!


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