Beware Of This Man!

2014 09 26 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

This man, identified as Davin Kemp, was until quite recently a normal person – a 9 to 5 commuter, stuck in an office, not able to see his kids


The iPhone 6 – Does It Bend, Can it Break?

| BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Is There such a thing as cruelty to iPhones? I know to many of you this is like watching a Kitten being put on a rack! 



Even I squirmed watching this


Couple At Dodgers Game Pour Beer On Each Other on Kiss Cam

2014 09 25 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Hilarious video as Kiss Cam at Los Angeles Dodger’s Came takes an unexpected turn






Was it worth the waste of beer?


What All Internet Marketers Can Learn From StampyLongNose

2014 09 24 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Who? I found out about Stampy Longnose from my 9 year oldson, Oliver. Oliver is completely and absolutely obsessed with Minecraft.


An Open Letter To Spammers

2014 09 23 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Spamming is Tacky, Cheesy and Lazy Marketing, there are better ways to sell without putting yourself about like a cheap whore


Girl On Motorcycle Will Stop You Littering!

2014 09 18 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Be careful next time you drop some trash! This girl on a motorcyle might make you regret it!


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