How To Switch On And Keep Your Personal Power

2015 09 19 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

You don’t need to plug into a new company or training plan to achieve success; what you need is to plug into your own personal power. Here is how to switch on and keep your personal power


What Personality Type Am I?

2015 08 03 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

An understanding of what personality type you are is essential for success. Here is a simple and free resource to allow you to know yourself better


A List Of Positive Affirmations And How And Why They Will Change Your Life

2015 06 14 | BY Davin Kemp | 1 COMMENTS

If you are looking to improve yourself and be more positive then here is a list of positive affirmations to help you in your journey together with a brief explanation of how and why using affirmations will change your life


5 Motivational Mark Cuban Motivational Quotes

2015 03 08 | BY Davin Kemp | 2 COMMENTS

Love him or hate him you can’t deny the amazing success achieved by Shark Tank Billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Here are 5 Motivational Mark Cuban Quotes


7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets To Obtaining Personal Magnetism

2015 02 28 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

How can you obtain character or charisma?. Here are 7 Irresistible Attraction Secrets That Will Show You How To Obtain Your Own Personal Magnetism


7 Ways To Use The Power Of The Law Of Attraction To Ensure That Your Past Does Not Dictate Your Future

2015 02 20 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

Too many times we allow our past to dictate our future. Here are 7 ways of ensuring that this does not happen by using the power of the law of attraction


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