The Art of Social selling…I love you

2015 02 13 | BY Davin Kemp | 2 COMMENTS

How the buyer seller relationship is MASSIVELY impacted and influenced by things which logically SHOULD NOT MATTER but seemingly do.


Vlog about how much I love blogging -Having a Blogasm

2014 12 06 | BY Davin Kemp | 0 COMMENTS

I went a bit nuts on this one….I am just soo enthusiastic about the new blog that I could pop.


WordPress Pros And Cons

2014 12 04 | BY Davin Kemp | 4 COMMENTS

Share this post and help spread the love! Shares: 2 What Makes WordPress A Fantastic Blogging Platform?     Since its introduction just over a decade ago as a free platform designed to build blogs, WordPress has grown, and been a tremendous success, taking the web developer community by storm.   It is believed that […]


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